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The new version OptiGolf (OptiGolf 09) has just been released in January 2009. It combines the reliability and accuracy of our traditional but updated measurement system with the integration of new GPS golf course architecture specifically designed for OptiGolf by SportsCoach Systems, and a world first True Putting™ ability which offers a realistic solution for indoor golf simulator putting. The new graphics package is extremely precise and 100% depicts the exact location of the ball at any given time.

OptiGolf 09 is designed for playing a realistic, golfer friendly and enjoyable round of golf indoors – ideal for any indoor golf environment. This comes from its lifelike golf courses, user friendly menus, realistic surround sound, accurate and clear shot results, and putting where short putts are finished off into a real putting cup. It is also a very good teaching tool, with shot statistics, flight paths, and shot averages available in range and practice modes.

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