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One of the most profitable golf business opportunities involves setting up a full size indoor golf playing & training centre. Centres of this kind are becoming more and more popular and have proven to be smart investments for their owners.

Facilities can be set up to run as a 9 hole golf course moving from simulator to simulator, or as traditional stand alone simulator setups.

OptiGolf International is striving towards establishing indoor golf centres and facilities. This form of golf learning and playing, entertainment, and social get-together of like-minded people is becoming more and more popular each year as the demand for indoor facilities with the opportunity to golf increase. This offers a unique opportunity for investors and people looking to start their own business around golf.

See an example Indoor Golf Centre at Slice Virtual Golf

New Facility - Indoor Golf Course

  • A new indoor golf invention under the patenting process!
  • Shrinks down a whole golf course into one indoor facility!
  • Become involved in the future of indoor golf!

Layout Options

The centre layout can and will be designed specifically to the customers' needs and requirements. In basic form it can include 4 to 9 and in the new indoor golf playing format 10 to 20 OptiGolf golf systems, a bar/restaurant area, a putting green, restroom facilities, and a reception area. Optional extras can include entertainment areas such as billiards and video games, putting machines, lockers and showers, boardrooms, and even a sauna. The layout can be based on one of our own concepts or totally on the customer's own design.

A few of the indoor golf centre layouts we can provide. Click on an image to enlarge. These layouts are all protected by International Copyright Laws. They cannot be reproduced in any way except by written consent from the OptiGolf and the designer.

OptiGolf International currently has a number of unique designs and concepts around indoor golf that customers and investors can be a part of. Accompanied by professional market research and good management practices, these innovative designs can be used to create the most successful and profitable indoor golf facilities possible. Above are some examples of what these facilities can cater for.

Indoor Golf Centre Concepts

A few concepts for indoor golf centres. Click on an image to enlarge. These images are all protected by International Copyright Laws. They cannot be reproduced in any way except by written consent from the OptiGolf and the designer.

Custom Designs

We can advise you on your plans or develop a customised design to suit your requirements based on an indoor golf developed market survey, specially developed by us for an indoor golf establishment, combining our expertise and your vision. We can also help you with the management of the centre and offer a management and marketing package if required.

Benefits of an Indoor Golf Centre

Indoor golf centres and great for people of all ages and all walks of life:

  • Beginners can try their luck at golf!
  • Intermediate keen golfers can play new courses for the first time!
  • Maestro golfers can compete for prizes in local indoor golf competitions!
  • Corporate & business people can host and compete in events and leagues!
  • Families can enjoy some time together for an outing and hitting some golf balls!
  • Pensioners can play 9 holes in the morning with discounted rates!
  • Workaholics can drop by to relax and play some holes at night!
  • Socialites can meet up for some entertainment and golf on Saturday!

Indoor golf centres can help improve your game and is great for:

  • Juniors getting their first taste of golf!
  • Women being introduced to golf via specific ladies days and training packages!
  • Pensioners trying to cure that slice taking a quick lesson!
  • Avid golfers using hi-tech body motion analysers and shot statistics to improve!
  • Training camps holding sessions in bad weather or at night!
  • Regular Sunday golfers coming in to improve their outdoor scores!

Further Information

If you are seriously looking to enter the indoor golf industry then see indoor golf business/investment options. You can also see another application of our simulator in sports bars & entertainment centres, see more about our indoor golf simulator or you can contact us for more information about indoor golf centres.

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