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Indoor Golf Business Owner/Operator

People wishing to enter indoor golf as an owner-operator of an indoor golf centre or indoor golf training centre are given a unique opportunity to do so through OptiGolf International. Our product line features everything from a self-designed and self-managed facility to a complete turnkey package with continuous support. Other features of the owner-operator package can include our specially developed indoor golf establishment market research, management plans, technical support, business support and financing assistance.

What Do I Need To Get Started?

To begin as an owner operator investors require a minimum of US $250,000 for an entry-level facility. In some cases, we can become stakeholders in the facility and therefore reduce the initial investment required by the customer. Once the location and the design has been agreed upon, the capital invested allows access to a fully functional OptiGolf indoor golf facility and all support needed to begin a successful long-term business. For more information on owner operator packages please contact us directly.

Further Information

You can read more about indoor golf centres and sports bars & entertainment centres or you can contact us for more information about becoming an Indoor Golf Centre owner/operator.

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