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Business Opportunities & Applications

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    Indoor Golf Centres

    One of the most profitable golf business opportunities involves setting up a full size indoor golf playing & training centre. Centres of this kind are becoming more and more popular and have proven to be smart investments for their owners.
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    Sports Bar & Entertainment Venues

    Sports Bar & Entertainment Venues are becoming increasingly popular around the world. Whether seeking to create a new venue, or currently running a sports venue, bar, or other entertainment venue, OptiGolf can provide a great new solution to drive business and create high returns for owners in a great industry.
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    Value Adding Simulators

    Adding an indoor golf simulator to an existing facility such as a hotel, resort, sports complex or entertainment venue can be a great way to attract new visitors or residents.
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    Golf Simulator Hire

    Looking for a golf simulator for hire? Look no further. OptiGolf has a fantastic ready for hire golf simulator for all trade shows, events, conferences & more.
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    Mines Sites Entertainment

    Mining companies looking for a fun, engaging and social activity for their staff members should consider a tailored mine site installation.
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    Trade Shows & Expos

    Draw massive attention to your booth with crowds gathering to see the action of OptiGolf's ready for hire golf simulator for all trade shows & expos.
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OptiGolf 2021

Your Ideal Golf Simulator

  • For Golf Centres, Sports Bars, Clubs & Homes
  • Real Putting Inside 20 Feet
  • Inbuilt Player Feel
  • 110 Courses Available

Plus the same reliabilty and accurancy of previous models.

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