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OptiGolf Is Your Ideal Indoor Golf Center Partner

We have the right product. We have experience and know-how from our own centers. We have tailored business and product support.

OptiGolf now offers its partners a full Indoor Golf Center Project Planner from start to finish, an integrated website, custom developed POS (Point of Sale) software for your center, and an online booking system tied to your website.

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Our professional and innovative indoor golf solutions and unique business pre and after sales service offers businesses, owner operators, investors, and concept marketers a distinct advantage in the indoor golf business. This section outlines the business approach of OptiGolf International and the indoor golf solutions we can offer to business entities and business people who are seriously looking to enter the indoor golf industry. To see product information only see our the OptiGolf indoor golf simulation system

The OptiGolf Approach

OptiGolf International offers unique and customised business opportunities in indoor golf:

  • OptiGolf 2021 Simulators ideally suited to indoor golf businesses
  • Business Pre Sales and After Sales Service - second to none
  • Our level of involvement based on your needs
  • A commitment to creating a mutually successful and profitable business venture

OptiGolf International offers indoor golf business seeking organisations and individuals numerous different ways of getting involved. We are open to simply being your preferred simulator supplier, to being involved in a mutually beneficial partnership in many instances, to making your designs a reality by creating custom facilities, to selling the OptiGolf concepts and IP rights to an organisation looking to go global.

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    Indoor Golf Centre Owner Operator

    People wishing to enter indoor golf as an owner-operator of an indoor golf centre are given a unique opportunity to do so through OptiGolf International.
    See more about Owner Operator

  • 2

    Partnership/Joint Venture

    OptiGolf International is open to partnerships and joint ventures in indoor golf projects and in core business operations.
    See more about Partnership/Joint Venture

  • 3

    Other Investors

    OptiGolf International offers investors opportunities to be part of successful indoor golf facilities with the potential for high rates of return.
    See more about Other Investors

  • 4

    Concept Marketer / Exclusive Distributor

    A concept marketer has the opportunity to market OptiGolf Indoor Golf facilities within a designated region, and receive a fixed percentage of any sale. An exclusive distributor is an entry level opportunity to market individual simulators for a specified region, and receive commissions for each sale.
    See more about Concept Marketer / Exclusive Distributor

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    Business Support

    Whatever your indoor golf business venture, we can provide unique business support to help your business to be more successful and may also be able to offer a lower cost entry into indoor golf facilities than other companies.
    See more about Business Support

OptiGolf 2021

Your Ideal Golf Simulator

  • For Golf Centres, Sports Bars, Clubs & Homes
  • Real Putting Inside 20 Feet
  • Inbuilt Player Feel
  • 110 Courses Available

Plus the same reliabilty and accurancy of previous models.

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