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OptiGolf Concept Marketer / Exclusive Distributor

Opportunity awaits! Become involved with OptiGolf in the form of a marketer or exclusive distributor.

Concept Marketer

A marketer has the opportunity to market OptiGolf Indoor Golf facilities within a designated region, and receive a fixed percentage of any sale.

Exclusive Distributor

An exclusive distributor is an entry level opportunity to market individual simulators for a specified region, and receive commissions for each sale.

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As a pre-requisite both forms require possession of at least one OptiGolf Golf simulator for demonstration purposes. OptiGolf International seeks concept marketers and distributors to become a part of its worldwide network. This entails marketing our unique indoor golf concepts (some under the patenting process) to selected people, groups and markets, and purchasing the right to sell and distribute our products and concepts. Both forms of partnership can produce large commissions and valuable international links vital to the growth of OptiGolf International and its partners.

Further Information

You can read more about our indoor golf simulator and the types of indoor golf businesses in the target market or you can contact us for more information about becoming a concept marketer or exclusinve distributor.

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