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OptiGolf - Indoor Golf Simulator : Product Overview

OptiGolf is a system that allows you to play real golf on real golf courses from around the world in a comfortable air-conditioned indoor environment. Real clubs, real balls, real courses, real feeling.

Player using the OptiGolf indoor golf simulator

You simply hit a regular golf ball into the durable and new, silent screen on which a video projector displays the image of the selected course / hole. The picture changes automatically depending on the length and position of your shot. Once the ball has been hit into the screen, a simulated ball flight takes over showing exactly where your ball flies through a sophisticated ball-flight measurement system as you play shot after shot. It's just like playing real golf, but indoors.

OptiGolf offers a complete solution for practicing and playing golf, with extremely high realism, build quality and system reliability.

What's New in OptiGolf

  • Proven & Praised World's Only True Putting™ Solution - OptiGolf brings a whole new element of realism into putting where short putts are finished off on the simulator floor putting green with the corresponding left / right slope remaining, just like in real golf. Long putts are made on-screen.
  • Top of the Market Golf Simulator Software – currently with 110 courses and climbing, with different play formats, putting choices, ball-flight views, technical analysis features, and longest drive and nearest the pin competition modes specifically designed for the OptiGolf 2021 Indoor Golf Simulator.
  • 2021 High Speed Camera Ball-Flight Measurement System - with added improvements for continuous long-term industrial use, no sensors in the hitting mat meaning more realism for players as they can hit off any hitting surface, & better system accuracy overall.

Enjoy playing beautiful and challenging golf courses around the world and improve your game

Scene from indoor golf simulator

OptiGolf is easy to install in most locations due to its compact size and self-standing construction. The ability to play many courses around the world makes OptiGolf an attractive and profitable investment for hotels, resorts, sport centres and several other facilities and businesses looking to offer customers an opportunity to learn and play golf.

OptiGolf 2021

Your Ideal Golf Simulator

  • For Golf Centres, Sports Bars, Clubs & Homes
  • Real Putting Inside 20 Feet
  • Inbuilt Player Feel
  • 110 Courses Available

Plus the same reliabilty and accurancy of previous models.

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New OptiGolf High Speed Camera System

OptiGolf High Speed Camera System
  • Ball Speeds up to 350Km/h
  • Sidespin & Backspin
  • Unmatched Reliability & Accuracy

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