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OptiGolf - Indoor Golf Simulator : Current Version

The OptiGolf Simulator (2021) integrates the accuracy and reliability of the 2020 system with a new 30% better visuals package and simulator program, a higher specification LCD projector, and a more accurate high speed camera ball-flight measurement system reading balls accurately up to 400 yards. Real Putting is retained, along with gimmies, with the ability to finish off all putts within 20 feet into a real cup on a sloping floor, adding tremendously to the whole golf experience! It’s a fantastic product overall, contact us for a demo.

Indoor golf simulator

OptiGolf 2021 is designed for playing a realistic, golfer friendly and enjoyable round of golf indoors – ideal for any indoor golf environment. This comes from its lifelike golf courses, user friendly menus, realistic surround sound, accurate and clear shot results, and putting where short putts are finished off into a real putting cup. It is also a very good teaching tool, with shot statistics, flight paths, and shot averages available in range and practice modes.

Distinct Benefits

  • Built for playing golf - ideal for an indoor golf facility
  • Is able to measure High Wedge Shots, Putts, Extreme Length Drives, Hooks, Slices & more
  • 110 & climbing International Golf Courses available. Many renowned courses from around the world.
  • Sensor Free Hitting Mat - hit from fairway, rough, long grass, tee or other custom hitting surface
  • Real Putting with left and right sloping putts as you would have on the course
  • Unique reliability based on the original OptiGolf
  • Better return on your investment
  • The size, colour and hitting surface of OptiGolf can be customised to suit

A few of the scenes from OptiGolf 2021. Click on an image to enlarge. These images are all protected by International Copyright Laws. They cannot be reproduced in any way except by written consent from the OptiGolf and the designer.

Basic Specifications

  • 30 International Golf Courses standard – from USA, Great Britain, United Arab Emirates & more
  • Play, Practice, Driving Range, Longest Drive, Nearest the Pin, Chip, Putt, modes all standard
  • Unique features include the option to putt out into real cups or receive gimmies, full course and hole flybys, various options for ball-flight views/weather conditions/time of day played/amount of info displayed etc., the ability to read hook-slice-draw-fade, the ability to read high flop shots and skies, a silent screen - no ball impact noise.
  • Standard Simulator Dimensions; Length 6.3m, Width 3.8m, Height 2.9m. Extra space for players is recommended however.
  • 24 month factory warranty - can be extended to 36 months on request
  • 24 Hour Internet and Phone Support for peace of mind

Further Information

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