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Other Investors

OptiGolf International offers investors opportunities to be part of successful indoor golf facilities with the potential for high rates of return. Minimum investment for an entry-level operation is US $50,000. Expected rates of return on investments in our indoor golf facilities start at 20-25% but have the potential to climb exponentially depending on area size, level of investment, and the degree of our involvement.

The types of projects available for investment are full indoor golf facilities, numerous OptiGolf International indoor golf concepts, licensing/franchising operations, and the core OptiGolf International business and its operations. Investors are kept up to date with bi-monthly business progress reports and any current information relevant to investors.

Further Information

You can read more about indoor golf centres and sports bars & entertainment centres or you can contact us for more information about outside investors.

Disclaimer: Investing with OptiGolf International is done so at the risk of the company, entity or person(s).

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